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In the present rage for photographing everything and every body about college, it may be suggested that a photographic group of the winners in the athletic events at the winter meetings would prove interesting to a large number of men, to whom it would be an acceptable memento of this feature of college life. We find the meeting-room hung with trophies, and photographs of noted athletes, all of which represent out-door events, and victories on land and water. Our winter meetings in the gymnasium are popular and profitable, and often represent a deal of athletic practice and training, but we fail to find any pictorial or tablet records of them, except in one or two cases. All the events peculiar to in-door athletics, which have been so interesting and important a feature annually, under the auspices of the Athletic Association, seem to be almost entirely neglected in its records. A photographic group of the winners, as suggested, could be easily arranged for, and would serve to recall many pleasant memories.