Of the postal cards, which I sent December 5, to every member of the class, asking for probable occupation, etc., and measurements, only forty-nine had been returned to me March 1, the day on or before which I requested that they be returned. Many of the answers are incomplete, and some of the cards contain measurements made by others than Dr. Sargent. Answering these questions and writing classlives are the only things requiring any effort that I shall request the class to do, and I do not believe it my duty to beg each man, individually, to do this. I desire that the measurements be made by Dr. Sargent, as they will not be uniform otherwise, and cannot justly be compared with those of previous classes, and he has kindly consented to extend the time for me, and will be ready to take measurements till April 1. It is very desirable that the cards be all returned to me before that date, as the regular examinations begin then, and no measurements can be taken after that time. If any have mislaid or lost the cards I sent them, other cards may be obtained at my room, or at the gymnasium at the time of measurement. Dr. Sargent's hours for this purpose will be from 1.30 to 3 P. M., except on Tuesdays and Latin days.

A. E. MILES, Secretary of 1882.