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EDITORS HARVARD HERALD: It is nearly a month now before the examinations begin. We beg permission to offer a suggestion for the welfare of those who have taken electives which require considerable reading of the reference books at the library. It is well known to all upper classmen that there is a strong tendency on the part of many to put off the heavy grinding until nearly the last minute. This being the case, just before and during examination time, there is a great rush for the library by those who are taking courses in history, political economy and philosophy. In very few cases are there duplicates among the books reserved. The result is that many men are wanting the same book, or, when one has finished using one book, he cannot get the book he wants next. A great many of these difficulties and embarrassments might be removed or considerably lessened if students would get a large part of their reading done before the rush comes. In this way, many more can get accommodated, and the reserved books will better accomplish the purposes for which they were set apart.