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We understand that Mr. Eadward Muybridge the inventor of the instantaneous process of photography would like to give a lecture here. Mr. Muybridge has made curious discoveries in regard to the motions and gait of horses and other animals. His curious results have been attained by his cleverness in adapting the process of instantaneous photography to the ends he aimed at. Last year there was a most interesting article in the Century on this subject with many illustrations from Mr. Muybridge's photographs. Since then Mr. Muybridge has published a book containing the results of his discoveries.

To hear this lecture and to see photographs of the "horse and other animals in motion" it is only necessary for a few dollars to be raised in order to pay for the expenses of lighting Sever 11. So many students are interested in Natural History and perhaps more in horse-flesh and the development of the American trotter that we cannot doubt but that the necessary money can easily be raised.