Yesterday the first hare and hounds run of the season took place. The hares, Mr. Strong, '85, and Mr. Ayer, '87, started at 3.41 from the steps of Matthews. The hounds, with Walker. '84, as Master, started 8 minutes after. The course was a good one and lay up Brattle street, around Fresh pond and then home. The hares got back in about an hour, after going some six miles. The first hound was Fish, '86, coming in 16m. 52 1-2s. behind the hares, who thus win first prizes. Fish, who gets second prize, was followed by Jack, '84, Walker, '84, and Brandt, '85. The hares are due great credit for beating the hounds so badly, as the scent lay well and was rarely lost. Besides neither of the hares had been over the course, which was simply planned out on a map.