Prof. Maassen, of the Vienna University, who was hissed by the students last spring for his anti-German speech in the Diet, met with the same fate today in the splendid building on the Ringstrasse, which the University has just taken possession of. In the course of his inaugural lecture he referred to the "unpleasant events" of last term, whereupon some hundreds of the students burst out as before into cries of "Pereat" and cheers for their "German" Professors. About 300 of them then rose and left the room, but when Dr. Maassen ordered the doors to be closed they returned and forced them open. Fegular fighting then began between those inside, comprising many Czech students, and the Germans outside. Ultimately Prof. Exner, the Dean of the university, induced the students to abstain from further demonstrations, as they had already said what they intended to say, and in no unmistakable manner. [Vienna dispatch to the London Standard.