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The sophomores and freshmen of the Columbia Scholl of Mines have been unable to settle their differences as to the carrying of canes by the freshmen this fall, and consequently the rushes have been frequent. On Tuesday last, a freshman walked through a gate with a light stick, which he twirled gracefully. This was too much for the sophomores, who rushed upon him. The freshmen were getting the best of it, when one of their number, E. Von. Schaick, got badly squeezed in the crowd, was thrown down, and the mass of struggling boys surged over him. When extricated, it was found that he was injured, and a physician who was in the School of Mines building attended him. One of his ribs was pronounced broken, and he was taken home unconscious. Yesterday he was feeling much better. The faculty of the School of Mines held a meeting the next day, but nothing was said concerning the rush, and several of the Professors, including the Dean of the faculty, said they had not heard of the accident. It is against the rules of the college to rush "within the gates." [Ex.