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Probably the one place in college that impresses the visitor with the fact that the student does study and think and read is the library. And the department of the library of which this is especially true is the "Notes and Queries" system. There the particular study or theme in which each student is most interested is reflected in the questions written on the card. Rarely one of these questions is found that betrays any considerable ignorance in common things, but the following perhaps is an example of this class. One man wants to know "when and where originated the expression 'All England for a Horse'?" Someone of a kindly spirit and better knowledge of Shakespeare, has appended to the card the correct quotation and its source. One may usually be expected to judge that the questioner is especially interested in the subject on which his query is made. And if this is true, the man who asks the following is to be congratulated by his friends. He enquires : "What is the origin and signification of the custom of adorning a bridal dress with orange blossoms?" But a question which is too good to be seen by the chosen few alone who frequent the library, is this, purporting to be from a freshman : "What do 'cuts' mean?" One who knows from experience has written below the question : "Apply at U. 5." But that flippancy such as the above at all prevails in these questions is certainly a mistaken impression.