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The full text of the most famous portion of Dr. Crosby's recent speech on college athletics we present below, deeming it important and unique enough for such repetition in our columns :

"Are the Olympian, Pythian, Isthmian, and Nemean models to be used for our colleges? Are Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia to gain glory by the strength of their students' muscles, and virtue by betting and drinking? Is the athletic contest before a miscellaneous crowd the best way to develop mental culture and moral health? Is it not even a very poor method of ministering to bodily soundness? Do athletes live long? Let medical men answer. I am ashamed to argue such a question. The whole business is demoralizing and directly inimical to the objects of a collegiate institution. Roughness, vulgarity, and the disgusting pretentiousness of Young America are the common results of the system. Let the college campus be the playground of the collegians, and let them there engage in any form of impromptu pastime under the eyes of their teachers and guardians. This is wholesome and sensible and satisfactory to wise parents. But, in the name of morality and common sense, do not let them become strolling players and itinerent roughs through the country."