The Czar of Russia has received another "warning."

The fifth annual dinner of the Boston Bicycle Club was held at Young's Hotel Saturday evening.

The condition of Prince Bismarck is slightly improved, and the Emperor William was well enough yesterday to resume out-of-door exercise.

The senior class at Bates college will erect in Hathorn Hall, before graduating, a life-size bust of Charles Sumner, made by Preston Powers in Florence, Italy.

Heavy damage has been caused throughout Ohio and the western part of Pennsylvania by the floods which occurred after the rain Saturday. Telegraphic and railroad communication is interrupted, and loss of life is feared.

The eight men recently arrested in Dublin charged with the murder of Lord Frederick Cavendish and Under-Secretary Burke were arraigned on Saturday and several of the accused were positively identified as the assassins of the murdered men.

THE WEATHER.WASHINGTON, D. C., Feb. 5, 1. A. M. For New England, colder and generally fair weather, with westerly winds and higher temperature.