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The remarkably icy condition of Jarvis and Holmes seems to threaten considerable delay to the base-ball and lacrosse teams this spring. When once the nines begin out-door practice much activity will be necessary to recover the lost advantage. To the freshmen especially every day of practice on the field will have its effect in the result of their matches this spring. It seems probable that the changes soon to take place on Holmes will also seriously interfere with the practice of the freshman nine. In such a state of affairs nothing but steady and determined work on the part of the players can bring them creditably through the season's contests. '86 showed herself enterprising and earnest in the work of her foot-ball team last fall - now it remains to be seen whether she is to continue her good work this spring, and to capture the class championship from our old rivals. It lays in her power to do this, and should she succeed in coming out victorious in the games with Yale, it will be still more to her credit that serious obstacles have been met with and overcome.