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The Crimson suggests that the single scull races of a few years ago be revived. There are several men in college at present who are excellent oarsmen, and who would probably go into the race if the matter was put before them in a proper light. Besides this, the re-establishing of the custom would undoubtedly draw out many new men who might eventually become good candidates for the crews.

The upper class men who saw the close race in the fall of '81, cannot fail to recollect the interest the event aroused. It has been a matter of frequent comment that more attention is not paid to rowing by the students at large. At present all the interest is centered on the university and class crews, and but few men who are not candidates for these crews ever go on the water. In the English universities boating is one of the most popular amusements, and it is the general popularity of the sport that makes it valuable. The revival of the single scull races would do much to encourage boating among the large majority of students who are not candidates for crews, and would soon dispose of the charge that the benefits of college athletics are enjoyed by but few.