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The announcement that one of the most important books of reference in the library has been stolen from the shelves of the library, cannot fail to arouse a feeling of indignation in the minds of all members of the university. Prof. White announced to one of his sections yesterday that Muller and Donaldson's "History of Greek Literature" had disappeared from the shelves of the Greek alcove. This book is at present in constant use by the members of the entire freshman class and members of the advanced Greek electives. Fortunately there are other copies of the work in the library which have been put on the shelves in place of the stolen copy, but this fact does not in the least excuse the thief. We feel that a man who would descend to such means of getting possession of a book cannot be spoken of in too strong terms. If he should happen to be discovered, as it is be hoped he will be, he should meet with no mercy either from students or instructors.