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The Spirit of the Times editorially speaks of the Princeton athletic meeting. It says: "When all but boxing had been finished, the president of the Athletic Association made a short oration. We have unfortunately mislaid our stenographic report of this address, but its peroration was in substance as follows: 'Ladies and Gentlemen - The remaining events of our programme are a series of beastly, barbaric, brutal boxing bouts. Those who do not wish to see the bruised, battered, bleeding bodies of the boxers borne to their barracks will please withdraw during the intermission of five minutes now given for that purpose.'" The five minutes passed, but no one withdrew. "The moral of this incident," says the Times, "is that ladies of undoubted culture and refinement can find something to admire and enjoy in spirited bouts of boxing, contested by gentlemen, in a style and spirit at once manly and gentlemanly."