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EDITORS HARVARD HERALD: The notable lack of accommodation in the way of college rooms invites attention to some effort to remedy this lack, until some generous patron has given us a new dormitory. Everyone has noticed that our oldest hall, Massachusetts, has long been given to vacancy and examinations, no use being made of it all, practically, except on rare occasions. The use of this hall as a dormitory was discontinued with the building of new halls some ten years ago in which sufficient accommodations were provided for all the students then here. With the advent of Sever Hall, its importance as furnishing examination rooms was very much diminished, and as it stands now it is practically unused. The question we should like to propose is, why should it not revert to its old uses as a dormitory? The upper stories could readily be fitted up again into rooms that would certainly be on a par with the rooms in Hollis and Stoughton, that are now in such active demand. A number of good cheap rooms could thus be added to the capacities of the college, to the great appreciation of large numbers of students who are now shut out of college buildings and thrown upon the tender mercies of Cambridge lodging-house keepers. There is a great need, too, of cheap rooms, for the tendency has been to increase the expenses of Harvard by erecting high priced dormitories, the prices of rooms in which are in most instances beyond the means of those men who strive to live within the "economical" estimate of $592,00 per year (catalogue, P. 124, with which compare P. 129). The number of rooms the price of rent of which is within $75 per annum is indeed alarmingly small, and any addition will be hailed with satisfaction.

No official disposition has as yet been made of the old Law School building, and we see no reason why the upper story of it, at least, could not be made over likewise into rooms for students. We should be sorry to see it stand as vacant and useless as poor old Massachusetts or given to chance claimants or as a lumber room for janitors.

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