The nine for 1884 will be nearly the same as that of last year. The men are working hard and receive a thorough course in sparring from Professor Dole. In consequence the college expects some fine results on the field. The positions will in all probability be filled as follows: Harris, '85, pitcher and captain; Wheeler, '84, and Sullivan, '87, catchers; Gardener, '84, 1st base; Buffum, '84, 2d base; Marble, '86, 3d base; Taylor, '84, s.s; Hunt, '85, l.f.; Kimball, '85, c.f.; Stuart, '86, r.f.. Wheeler, Marble and Sullivan are new men. Hunt was catcher last year, now he takes a position in the field. During the spring vacation the nine will make a trip to Boston to play the Bostons.