Canoe Club Regatta.

The fall regatta of the Canoe Club, and the second since its formation last spring, was held Saturday morning on the Lower Basin of the Charles river. The number of spectators was extremely limited, but the one event contested, the paddling race, in two classes, was well contested. The course was made triangular, so that the canoeists might show their ability in sailing, both before and on the wind. It started from the Union Boat Club house, to a point half a mile northwest and thence to a point half a mile east of the starting point. This made a length one and a half miles, which had to be sailed over twice. The referee was Mr. F. L. Frothingham. L. S.

In the first class, E. S. Abbot, '87, and E. J. Proctor, '87, and in the second class, U. Dunham, '85, and E. L. Rand, R. G., started. The first class boats were sent off a minute before the second class, at 10.56. There was a very light breeze blowing, and for a long time the conoes did not move perceptibly, but finally Rand began to forge ahead, with Dunham close behind. By good luck in catching puffs, Rand managed to get a good lead, and went the rounds twice before the others had completed their first circuit. His time for the three miles was 1 hour 50 minutes. In the meantime Proctor and Dupham made a close and very interesting race for second place. Abbot soon fell way behind and withdrew. Proctor finally came in ahead of Dunham half an hour after Rand.

Prizes consisting of pewter cups were awarded to the winners in each class. Mossrs. Rand, first class, and Proctor, second class.