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Certain individuals who study in the library, are in the habit of collecting together and appropriating several reference-books at one time, and so habitually deprive other men who may wish to refer to these books of an opportunity to use them. It is quite obvious that one book is all that one man can use at one time, and it is equally patent that this one man may be acting unjustly towards many men when he selfishly keeps in his possession several other reference-books than the one he is using. Yet this is a matter of every day occurrence. A certain class of men seem inclined to forget that the library is intended for the use of all and not for any particular person or persons, and refrain from showing that common courtesy which is necessary when a considerable number of men are in need of the reserved books. We have no wish to be censorious, but it seems absolutely necessary to remind a certain few that they must have more regard for others in their library work; and so we call general attention to the fact, in the belief that, once their notice is directed to it, these persons will cease from this most annoying habit.

One other point must be noticed. Complaint has been made that students, during library hours, carry reference books out of the library. Of course such action can only be characterized as contemptible, for it involves a breach of honor. We forbear to comment on it further than to say that every one found guilty of it ought to be forbidden the use of the library entirely, for he has shown himself incapable of properly using the privileges he enjoys.