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The lamentable lack of enthusiasm which has been felt by the college in the tennis tournament this fall ought to be the means of bringing about a change in the method of conducting future tournaments. This fall the tennis association, alleging as an excuse the lack of a sufficient number of courts, allowed the tournament to be played on any courts and at any time. Consequently it was impossible to watch the play. No one, except the actual contestants, knew when or where a game was to be played. In fact the only way in which the gentleman who had charge of the tournament knew the result was by means of occasional slips of paper left at his room. Under these circumstances it is not strange that no interest or enthusiasm was shown in the tournament. Indeed we doubt very much if half the college knew a tournament was in progress. We have published the scores as they came in, but the games were published at such long Intervals that few could realize that they belonged to one and the same tournament.

Although it is true there are few courts there is plety of land, especially around Divinity, which could be utilized for tennis. Then there are enough courts at present on the West End of Jarvis Field for a college tournament. On these courts the play might have been held and some interest would probably have been shown if it had been known that the tournament was to have been played there at certain hours of the day. However it is too late to do anything more as the tournament for singles has been finished. We only wish to call the attention of the tennis association in the hopes that better arrangements will be made for the spring tournament. In the mean time we hope that a suitable announcement will be given of the time and place of the contest between Mr. Sawin and Mr. Presbrey for the college championship, as we think a large number of men would be interested in watching the play.