Fact and Rumor.

Princeton gets a half holiday today.

The average weight of the rush line of the Freshman team is 161 lbs.

Yesterday afternoon the brass band was photographed in front of the Physical Laboratory.

The police squad was drilled yesterday afternoon preparatory to the march in the evening.

Dinner was at five o'clock yesterday afternoon, a great convenience to all who turned out in the procession.

The biggest beats on record in foot ball are the following : Princeton, 140, to Latayette, 0; Yale, 115, to Dartmouth, 0.

President Barnard's skill as a pugilist was favorably commented upon by the papers the day after the rush.-[Alta Columbiand.

Among the officers of the Technology battalion last night, were a surgeon, assistant surgeon, paymaster, assistant paymaster and chaplain.

The hops given by the students of Lehigh University, do not seem to be very popular among the Bethlehem young ladies.-[Ex.

All students are requested to examine the proof sheets of the catalogue in University, and report to the office in writing any errors.

Princeton defeated Lafayette College at foot ball on Wednesday by a score of 140 to 0. This is the largest score on record.

The Junior class were photographed in their torchlight parade costumes in front of Matthews on yesterday afternoon. Pach was the photographer.

We would like to say that it is the Technology Glee Club, not the Fitchburg as stated in yesterday's issue, which is going again this year, successfully.

A waiter at an '88 club table at Memorial may safely claim to be champion of the waiters. A few days ago he was seen carrying, at one time, seventeen plates of roast beef.

A case has been reported to us of a man, who, four years ago in the parade, secured fifty-seven handkerchiefs from fair hands along the route. We wonder if that record was broken last night.

Last week there was a grand missionary conference at Princeton, which aroused a great deal of interest among the students, as well as outsiders. Fifty men offered themselves as workers in foreign missionary fields.

Documents of a very extraordinary kind were distributed by a comely female to students as they came forth from Appleton Chapel yesterday morning. We were not aware before of the terrible dangers from depopulation by which our nation is threatened.

Catalogues show that there are now in college 1007 students, divided among the various classes as follows: Seniors, 193; juniors, 235; sophomores, 257; freshmen, 253; specials, 69. According to this '85 has lost two; '86, thirteen; while '87 has gained from last year. '88 has the same number as '87 did when she entered. This makes a gain of 35 in the academical department of to the university.

The Yale Courant. in defending Yale against the attacks of the "Nassau Misc" which finds fault with the excessive "sandiness" of the Yale foot ball game, delivers itself of the following: "Sand is, no doubt, disagreeable to certain individuals, but it is entirely preferable to the concoction of mud, cowardice and sour grapes which the organs of Princeton and Harvard, with their New York satellites, make a point of aiming at Yale after every Thanksgiving game."