Harvard Natural History Society.

The Natural History society held its second meeting of the season on Tuesday evening in Sever 4; Prof. Shaler presided. The committee of three, appointed at the previous meeting to investigate the constitution of the society, and to suggest such changes in it as seemed advisable, made their report, in which they recommended several important changes. One of these changes related to the admission of new members, and aimed at making the society in the future one of active naturalists only. According to the old constitution, amendments have to lie on the table two weeks before they can be acted upon, so action on the constitution as amended and changed by the committee, was deferred until the meeting on Dec. 10th. A good many suggestions were made by Prof. Shaler, Prof. Farlow, Dr. Mark and Mr. Nolen, '84, about the kind of work the society ought to undertake. All agreed that original, independent work either in forming collections or in preparing lists of the fauna, flora and mineralia of certain parts of Eastern Massachusetts, would be the most useful and the most interesting work that the members of the society could do. It was felt that the work should not be of the same nature as that done in the natural history courses, but should rather be supplementary to it. If the members feel sufficiently interested to follow out the suggestions made, there is every reason to believe that the natural history will become one of the most useful and interesting societies in college.