Fact and Rumor.

The Columbia Bicycle Club is dead.

The Acta Columbiana has an editorial heartily supporting the abolishment of foot ball.

There are only 254 students at Williams college. This is a falling off of 19 from last year.

The meeting of the Shooting Club was postponed on account of the bad weather, and due notice will be given when it will occur.

Eighty-seven won the championship in foot ball at Columbia, thus adding another to the long list of victories in athletic contests which this class has won.

"What fine kickers you have on your team this year," remarked Miss Jones to a young Princetonian. And she is still wondering why he cut her the next day on the Avenue.-[Ex.

At Cornell an athletic committee has been organized to promote a more general athletic interest. It is composed of the Directors of the Navy, Athletic and Base Ball Associations.

The Williams college men feel much encouraged over the success of their foot ball team which won four victories, and only lost one game, to Harvard. This is only the second year of foot ball at Williams.

At a recent meeting of the Princeton base ball association, Capt. C. H. Clark resigned his position as captain, as he will not have enough time to train the nine. He will, however, retain his place in the left field. Duncan Edwards, '85, was elected captain.

The seventh number of the Advocate will be ready at Sever's today at four o'clock.

The first Bicycle Club Smoker of this year was held last evening in the rooms of the Captain, Mr. Harrison, and resulted in a very enjoyable entertainment. It was voted to have a dinner after the midyears, and the following committee was appointed: Harrison. Perkins and Hobbs.

The Williams "Athenxum" says: 'Now that we have a chess club, why not organize a poker club. We need one. It was the immortal Duke who said: "Many an hour is wasted in vain or frivolous conversation that might be profitably employed in holding four kings and an ace."

Mr. Edman W. Gosse, who will lecture in Sanders theatre next Monday evening, is professor of English Literature at the University of Cambridge. A number of the critical essays in Ward's English Poets are from his hands, and he himself has written excellent poetry. Mr. Gosse is said to be a brilliant and entertaining lecturer.

On Monday evening, Dec. 15, Dr. Sargent will deliver a free lecture before the Boston Young Men Christian Union on Bovlston street, Boston, on "The Evils of the Professional Tendency of Amateur Athletics." This will afford a good opportunity of hearing what one of our athletic committee has to say on a much discussed subject. The lecture was prepared before the recent foot ball imbroglio.

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