Object of Squad Drill.


The squad drill in the gymnasium is not an entirely new thing. A few years ago, when the Homenway Gymnasium was first opened, similar squads for practical and systematic use of the building were organized by Dr. Sargent, and the number of men working together was large. Since that year the work of the director has increased in other directions, and the regular squads were given up. The idea in reviving the practice this year is to benefit unattached workers in the gymnasium as well as the regular university teams. The latter will keep on in the old way, exercising by themselves under their own captains as formerly. The only advantage they will gain from the new plan will be by suggestions from Mr. Lathrop as to some of the movements and exercises which will do them the most good in their particular sport. The Mott Haven teams will also take more systematic work this winter, and as has been stated before, will probably be divided up into squads of men training for the different events.

But it is chiefly to benefit the men who have hitherto belonged to no organization, to have such men feel some interest in their exercise so that they will work more regularly, that the squads have been undertaken again. No man need feel that he is too poor a gymnast to enroll his name. Every man will have an equal chance. What is wanted now is that men should go to the gymnasium and put down their names for some one of the squads and then leaders can be selected and assigned. Leaders need not be great experts themselves if they are only men who will go ahead and lead the way from one thing to another. Organizations will, as formerly, have the right of way at the chest-weights and other apparatus. The rule of the gymnasium has always been to do the greatest good to the greatest number.