The Harvard Union.

The debate of the Union last night was well attended and very interesting. The question was "Resolved, that the enfranchisement of the Negro, as accomplished by the 15th amen linnet, was a mistake." The secret ballot on the merits of the question resulted in 13 votes for the affirmative, and 43 for the negative. J. M. Merriam, '86, opened for the affirmative, and B. G. Davis, '85, for the negative. These gentlemen were followed by L. M. Garrison, '88, aff., and P. L. Sternbergh, '87, neg. The vote on the merits of the arguments of principal dispatants stood, aff., 16, neg., 50.

When the debate was thrown open to the house, the following gentlemen spoke from the floor, Messrs. Jennings, Sp., Webster '85, Carrier, '85, Hallowell, '88, McAfee, '87, Fraser, '86, Cole, '85, Hansen, '85, Rich, '87, Griffin, '88, Smith, '85, Knapp, '87, McKelvey, S. S. and Arnold, '84. The vote on the argument as a whole resulted aff., S, neg., 23. The question chosen for the next debate was, "Resolved, That the district method of electing President proposed by Senator Morton should be adopted." The next meeting will be held Jan. 8, 1885.