The Princeton Faculty on Foot Ball.

On Friday the Princeton faculty held a meeting and passed the following resolutions which were recommended by a special committee:

"In order to prevent any misunderstanding as to the position of the Princeton faculty with regard to intercollegiate games, it should be known:

First-That more than a year ago the faculty, by a unanimous vote, united with the authorities of Harvard College in an effort to correct existing evils in these intercollegiate contests. In this they were not sustained by the other colleges interested.

Second-That before the recent game of foot ball was played on the pologround in New York, the faculty had decided that after January 1, 1885, intercollegiate games should be played by Princeton students only upon college grounds. In view of existing arrangements, and for other reasons, the faculty did not deem it advisable to prohibit the usual foot ball game on the polo ground on thanksgiving day of this year. The authorities of the college are of the opinion that manly sports should not be discouraged but rather encouraged, as fitted to promote the health of students. To give agility of frame and self control, and by no means injurious to morals."

It is understood that the faculty have also instructed their committee on athletic to make some provisions for amending the present playing rules.