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One of the most entertaining books which has recently been received by the library, has been wantonly injured by some member of the college. The book is "Minutiae of Soldier Life" by a former soldier of the Confederate army. The author naturally speaks with some enthusiasm of his own side, and tends to exaggerate the undoubtedly great powers of the army of Northern Virginia. Some youth,-perhaps it would be better to say, small boy, of patriotic spirit has written in the margin of the volume, at various places, comments of which the following are specimens: "Good, very good!" "Oh, of course," "A good one," "Right you are," "A trifle exaggerated, friend," "How astonishing," etc., etc, Moreover, this patriotic person has taken pains to prevent his comments from being erased, by writing them in ink. This sort of thing is to be expected in the books of a public library, used by a miscellaneous class of readers; but it is humiliating that a student in Harvard College-for we cannot but assume that a student was the guilty person-should not know better than to commit such an act of vandalism. Any marking of books belonging to a library is wrong; but such defacement as this has the additional demerit of being excessively silly.

The discussion of the matter of the abolition of the prescribed study of Greek in the colleges, at present a question of such living interest to Harvard, is continued by Charles Francis Adams, Jr., in a third edition of his recent Phi Beta Kappa address, containing an appendix with much new matter and further testimony on the subject. Mr. Adams considers the recent argument derived from the testimony and experience of Berlin University in the matter, and calls particular attention to the agitation of the Greek question in England, particularly at the universities, where he thinks that the tendency of opinion is awards his side of the question. He extensively quotes the article in the January Popular Science Monthly by Prof. James, of the University of Pennsylvania, in support of his opinion.