FEBRUARY, 1884.-NO. 104.

FEBRUARY 3. SUNDAY.Appleton Chapel. Rev. James M. Whiton, of Newark, N. J., 7.30 P. M. Subject: Progress the Law of Life.

5. TUESDAY.College Faculty. Meeting at University 5, 3.30 P. M.

DIVINITY HALL LECTURES.The second series of lectures will begin February 21st. These lectures are addressed to students of Theology by officers of other departments of the university, but are open to the public. They will be delivered in the chapel of Divinity Hall on Thursday evenings, as follows: Feb. 21, Rev. Phillips Brooks, D. D., of the board of overseers; Feb. 28, Rev. J. F. Clarke, D. D., of the board of overseers; March 13, Prof. W. James, of the Philosophical department; March 18 (Tuesday), Prof. N. S. Shaler of the Scientific department; March 27, Prof. W. W. Goodwin, of the Greek department; April 10, Dr. H. P. Bowditch, dean of the Medical School.

SENIOR FORENSICS.Third forensic, due on March 19. Subject: 1. Does the history of progress favor utilitarianism? 2. May virtuous acts be defined as those which tend to produce happiness? 3. "You cannot make men moral by Act of Parliament" (comment on this statement). 4. Should district and State boundaries be obliterated or ignored in the election of representatives and senators in the United States? 5. Compare Grant and Lee as military commanders.

SOPHOMORE THEMES.Theme III. will be due Feb. 14. Subjects: 1. A translation from the German. 2, 3. Subjects connected with the Civil Var, cf. Hart's series of lectures. 4. On Valentines serious and comic. 2. My favorite poet and why I like him. 6. The present condition of the Civil Service. 7. What is the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?