In the last number of the Nation is an interesting letter concerning the late Prof. Sophocles. From it we learn the following facts: While yet a boy, Prof. Sophocles left his native village in Thessaly and went to a monastery at Cairo, where he devoted himself chiefly to the Greek classics, In 1820 he returned to Thessaly and entered a school there; but the war for Grecian independence breaking out in the next year, he went back to Cairo. After the war he went back to the Archipelago, where he met the Rev. Josiah Brewer, who persuaded him to come to America. At the time, he assumed his grandfather's name Evangelinos, his own baptismal name being Sophocles; and he was generally called Sophocles Magnes, or Thessalo Magnes, from the place of his birth. He arrived in Boston in July, 1828, and went to school at Monson, to learn English and also Latin, which he had not before studied. He for a long time intended to return to Greece, but after publishing several pamphlets, he finally decided on America as his final home.