The new comic paper at Yale is to be called Quip.

Yale has thirty men training for the lacrosse team.

There was a cut in Political Economy 7, yesterday.

Yesterday's pleasant weather brought out several tennis enthusiasts.

R. W. Lovering, '84; has been elected a member of the Pi Eta Society.

Subscribers to the junior class dinner can have their money refunded at Bartlett's.

Three suites of apartments are being made out of the old recitation rooms in Holyoke.

Professor Greenough reads this evening the second half of the "Trinumunmus" of Plautus.

The nine will play the Beacons on Fast Day, and will meet the Williams nine on Decoration Day.

Professor Lovering will to day continue his course of lectures on "Electricity and Magnetism."

The whole of Jarvis Field is being rolled by the large horse-roller while the ground is still soft.

The Intercollegiate Lacrosse Association hold their annual meeting at New York this evening.

The fourth competition for the Walnut Hill Cup will be shot on the Middlesex Grounds tomorrow.

Probabilities are that the Princeton nine will field better, but be weaker at the bat, than last year's nine.

Arrangements have been made for the establishment of an American college in Shanghai, China.

The annual ivy ball at the University of Pennsylvania will take place on the second Friday after Easter.

Dr. Halstead, of Princeton, is preparing a geometry. It will be based on Euclid, and is intended for colleges.

Wendell Phillips' favorite book, according to a gentleman who interviewed him, was "Bacon's Essays."

The Alabama State University is so crowded that no more students will be taken until additional buildings are erected.

There was no lecture in N. H. 3 yesterday. A one-hour examination will be held Thursday, at two o'clock at the Botanic Garden.

Several men turned out yesterday to give practice to the University Lacrosse team. It is hoped that more men will be able to get out in the future.

The nine expect to have the use of Holmes field by the middle of April. It is hoped that it may be got into condition at that time by being sodded and rolled.

The executive committee of the Inter-collegiate Athletic Association have decided unanimously in favor of the Manhattan grounds for the field meeting, May 24.

The Rochester seniors have petitioned the faculty to be allowed to read Plato in the English, instead of in the Greek, and the petition will without doubt be granted. Ex.

By the current number of the Brunonian we learn that the injuries of Mr. Durfee are not so serious as at first supposed, and that he will probably be able to play with the nine.

Judge Abbott is one of the few men living who was fitted for college by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Judge Abbott entered Harvard at 14, and was graduated in the class of 1832.

Hereafter, students who wish to make up omitted themes or other written exercises will be expected to do it with the least possible delay, instead of waiting until the next exercise is due.

The seats on Jarvis have been again placed in position suitable for witnessing baseball matches, and the backstop has been rebuilt. The field which had an unusual appearance last fall to meet the wants of football has now its old time look.