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One of the instructors in themes in a lecture recently given to the junior class spoke of the possibility of his being able to deliver some lectures on English literature, with the assistance and co-operation of the other instructors in themes. It seems to us that the plan is an excellent one, as it is surprising to see how many men go through college with but a faint knowledge of the literature of English speaking countries. These lectures, if given at all, would be entirely informal,-in fact would be in the nature of talks rather than lectures. The only elective courses given in English literature at present are English 7 and 8, given in alternate years. Now, many men who do not care enough about the subject to take either of these courses would be very willing to attend some voluntary lectures or conferences in addition to the sophomore lectures, which would be as sort of summary of the present instruction in English literature. The time is also especially favorable, for these lectures would probably be given during the four or five weeks, immediately after the spring recess. During this period, just before setting to work for the annuals, the student has many spare moments which could be advantageously devoted to a few interesting and practical talks on the subject of English literature, with which every educated man ought to be acquainted. We think if the gentlemen interested in this plan were enabled to carry it out, their endeavors would be appreciated by the college.