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The subject of subscriptions is not a new one in truth, but in all probability it will never be an old one. There are certain things however which it seems necessary to say every year; we purpose to say them now. It must be obvious to every one, that, when teams are to a great extent dependent on subscriptions it is absolutely necessary for these subscriptions to be paid promptly in order that the teams may get to work as soon as possible. The duty of collecting the subscriptions must devolve upon a few men, and such a task is onerous enough in itself, without being made harder by forcing those who have it in charge to call several times on each man and then perhaps be refused. A moments reflection will show any one the necessity of subscriptions as our athletics are now carried on. Moreover there is more than the mere money transaction in this subscribing. It enables our representatives to keep the name of Harvard where it always should be in the very front of athletics. In knowledge of this, let us have a little more liberal spirit shown by every student; let each one of us do all he can to back up our teams for the faithful work they have done and which they will do in the next three months, and if Harvard shall be, as successful as we all hope it will be, no one can feel otherwise than satisfied that he gave whatsoever he could to support the teams.