R. D. Wilson, '83, is at the Philippine Islands.

There will be no recitation in Fine Arts 3 on Monday.

Chambers Baird, Jr., '82, is studying at the Cincinnati Law School.

The repairs at the boathouse are progressing with vexatious slowness.

The entries in today's rope-climbing contest give promise of an exciting event.

Several members of the college will leave today for a week's shooting on Cape Cod.

The grounds behind College House were utilized yesterday by amateur ball players.

W. H. Williams, '83, is instructor in philosophy at Griswold College, Davenport, Iowa.

The first baseball posters of the season made their appearance on the bulletin boards yesterday.

The doors at the gymnasium will be opened today at 1.45 P. M. The games will begin promptly at 2.30.

Graduates of Exeter Academy met at the Brunswick, New York, yesterday, and formed an Alumni association

Conditioned men received postal with the marks on Thursday's trigonometry examination yesterday morning.

The students of the University of Pennsylvania are discussing plans to build a gymnasium that will cost a hundred thousand dollars.

The Advocate yesterday contained a list of ten names which is suggested as a nucleus for the proposed "American Academy,"

At the conference to discuss inter-collegiate athletics, to be held at Columbia College next Saturday, W. C. Camp will represent Yale.

The first train from the City of Mexico over the Mexican Central Road contained a party of students en route to Notre Dame University.

Members of the Shooting Club are invited to shoot with the Middlesex Club at Watertown, and with the Newton Gun Club, at Newton, on Fast Day.

Mr. A. M. Swift, late of St. Paul's School, died yesterday at Rome. He will be remembered as a very pleasant instructor by many of the St. Paul's men now in college.

"Notes on Shakespeare's Versification," a short treatise by Mr. G. H. Brown, '78, will be on hand at Severs this afternoon. It will be used as a textbook by members of English 2.

The trouble at Hamiltion College is not yet over, apparently. The seniors have issued a card in which they claim that the terms on which they returned to work have been grossly misrepresented by their faculty.

There will be a game of ball, Monday morning, the 31st, at eleven o'clock. The nines will be formed from the candidates for the Freshman team. Wiestling and Baker will pitch, and Varick and Litch field will catch.

At the investigation in New York on Tuesday evening to ascertain whether L. E. Meyers is, or is not an amateur, considerable damaging testimony was given, and it was clearly demonstrated that the runner was not a pure amateur.

The sections in freshman Latin will be examined today at the following rooms. Conditioned men go to Sever 37. Mr. Parker's sections: Adv. I. in Mass 3; i., ii., v. in Mass. 1. Mr. Preble's sections: Adv. II, in Sever 37; iii. and iv. in Sever 35. Minimum section in Sever 37.

The typical Yale graduate is ready and thorough; the Harvard, exact and full; the Amherst, patient and earnest; the Williams, well rounded and well balanced; the Dartmouth, independent; the Middlebury, careful and discrim inanity; and the Michigan, direct and clear. [C. F. Thwing.