R. D. Wilson, '83, is at the Philippine Islands.

There will be no recitation in Fine Arts 3 on Monday.

Chambers Baird, Jr., '82, is studying at the Cincinnati Law School.

The repairs at the boathouse are progressing with vexatious slowness.

The entries in today's rope-climbing contest give promise of an exciting event.

Several members of the college will leave today for a week's shooting on Cape Cod.

The grounds behind College House were utilized yesterday by amateur ball players.

W. H. Williams, '83, is instructor in philosophy at Griswold College, Davenport, Iowa.

The first baseball posters of the season made their appearance on the bulletin boards yesterday.

The doors at the gymnasium will be opened today at 1.45 P. M. The games will begin promptly at 2.30.

Graduates of Exeter Academy met at the Brunswick, New York, yesterday, and formed an Alumni association

Conditioned men received postal with the marks on Thursday's trigonometry examination yesterday morning.

The students of the University of Pennsylvania are discussing plans to build a gymnasium that will cost a hundred thousand dollars.

The Advocate yesterday contained a list of ten names which is suggested as a nucleus for the proposed "American Academy,"

At the conference to discuss inter-collegiate athletics, to be held at Columbia College next Saturday, W. C. Camp will represent Yale.

The first train from the City of Mexico over the Mexican Central Road contained a party of students en route to Notre Dame University.