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The senior committee on photographs have found themselves compelled to publish another notice reminding the eight-four men that they have been again delinquent. This time it is the lists to fill the separate albums of individual members which are wanted. Fortunately the evils of neglect or forgetfulness fall, in this case, only upon the heads of those men who are delinquent. But each man, even if forgetful of the trouble which any neglect of his causes the committee, will find it for his own interest to have his pictures done by Class Day, as after that time many things take up hi satiation and he will not care to be hurrying round and hunting up the photo graphs, or delaying his stay in Cambridge to have his orders filled. Till the spring recess is only a very short time; but it is long enough to determine upon and write out the required list.

The last action of the Athietic committee of the faculty will not go very far towards increasing the popularity of that committee among the students. To condemn arbitrarily a student before allowing him a word in his own behalf, is hardly consistent with the recognized principles of justice and fair dealing. The endorsement of this style of procedure by the faculty will tend to increase the bad feeling already existing between the authorities and the students. It is to be hoped, therefore, that the decision in question originated with the committee, and that it will not be approved by the faculty.