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The Shooting Club has, during the past months, given its support only to shotgun shooting. This course was certainly reasonable, inasmuch as the majority of its members prefer that branch of the sport. The weather, moreover, has been anything but favorable for rifle practice. But the season has now arrived when target practice can be had, without the liability of interference from stormy weather and heavy winds.

One of the objects for which the club was founded, was the promoting of rifle practice by means of the interest excited by matches with teams from other colleges. The time has now come for action in this direction. There must be material among our students from which to pick an excellent team of four, six. or even eight men. We would suggest that the club should write to the various colleges, and, if possible, make arrangements for some team matches. Meanwhile, if some recognized authority, like the National Rifle Association, or the Forest and Stream, or Spirit of the Times, would lend its assistance to help on the project, we think that the sport might be put on a firmer basis.