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A wail goes up from Columbia over the disheartening showing made thus far by their university crew. Not only are all the candidates entirely new men in a university shell, but several of them have never rowed before. In addition the men are very light, avenging only 156 lbs. Professor Goodwin, their coach, thinks nevertheless, that they will give our crew a hard rub when the race comes in June. Not so the students. Their dismal foreboding are given in the following extract from one of the Columbia papers :

"From all appearances, we should judge that Columbia will fail to be represented in boating matters by a university crew. In fact, to the best of our knowledge, the men that are now in training for positions on the crew are rapidly becoming disheartened ; never was there a greater lack of system and never have the students felt less confidence in the abilities of their representative eight. It is a significant fact that the confidence of the freshmen has led them into the startling belief that eventually they will be able to constitute a university crew in themselves. This remarkable exhibition of assurance would never be indulged in did the university possess a quarter of the ambition and interest that has been a noble characteristic of the crew. Harvard enjoyed a peculiarly easy victory last year ; from present appearances it is evident that in the coming race it will have the further satisfaction of a walk-over."