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The custom of playing scrub games of base-ball is certainly an excellent one, giving many men an opportunity for exercise and varying the routine game of tennis, now the form of exercise generally taken by men not trying for any team or not particularly athletic in nature. But it seems rather hasty for men to engage in these games of ball on the newly filled and planted ground. There are several small pieces of this new ground outside for the track on Jarvis, and it seems a pity that the turf thereon should not be allowed to harden until it will bear running over it without being cut up. If the men continue to use these bits of ground, they will soon be unfit to ever use for tennis, and will then never be available for anything but scrub games of ball. If the ground is only allowed to harden, both games can be played on them in the future, and thus can a greater amount of good be extracted from our limited fields. Signs warning all people to keep off till the ground is hard, would, we think, accomplish the desired end.