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EDITORS DAILY GRIMSON.-With reference to the subject of extra charges in the chemistry department, the writer of the first communication would like to state the, besides the fees of $5.00 each, when he tick chemistry 3 and 4, he was charged $25.00 or more for the chemicals used in those courses. Knowing something about the price of chemicals, he is confident that this $25.00 fully covered the expense of those he used, his breakage having been very slight.

If, as is implied in the answer to his communication, the twofers of $5.00 are also supposed to cover the expense of these chemicals, he ahs used up in these two courses in one year, over $55.00 worth of them. This is preposterous, as will be evident to any one. It seems much more as though under the title of "General expenses for running the laboratory, chemicals, etc., " he had been made to pay twice for the same thing. If such is the cae, as it seems to him that it is, it is an abuse, and as such the sooner it is remedied the better.