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We are glad to see that a well-known member of the faculty has taken the trouble to find out the standing of the students upon the question of abolishing the 7.20 rising bell. By means of the postal cards which have been sent around, every student has an opportunity to state how the ringing of the bell affects him, and we hope every student will make the most of their opportunity by answering at once his postal card. Of course on a question of this kind much can be said on both sides. Although it seems to us that the ringing of the bell had better be abolished, as it does but little good to the students and occasions much annoyance to the residents of Cambridge, we believe the result will show that the ringing of the bell is a matter of indifference, let us say Harvard indifference, to most men. If this is the case, let the ancient custom be abolished at once, It is certainly by no means a matter of indifference to the residents of Cambridge, who probably receive sufficient music from the weekly concerts afforded by the so-called Harvard chimes,-music which in sweetness and volume may not be ineptly compared with the tuneful ringing of the college bell.