The class day committee ask attention to the following rules for the distribution of class-day tickets: Tickets will be sold at 3 Stoughton on June 12, from 2 t 5 P. M., on June 13 from 9 A. M. to 12 M. Packages (16 yard, 10 Memorial , 7 tree and 4 Sanders tickets to be selected by lot will be sold to members of the senior class at $11 a package. Seniors in the Scientific School and past members of the class now in college must apply at the same time as the regular seniors. Members of the graduating classes of the Law and Medical Schools and candidates for higher degrees will be allowed six yard and three Memorial tickets on payment of $3.00. Past members of the class not now in college must apply for tickets in person or by written order on or before June 13. Money in all cases must be paid on receipt of tickets, and applications must be made in person or by written order at times above mentioned. Tickets not sold at these times will be sold by the committee to members of the senior class on a day hereafter appointed. Provisions day hereafter appointed. Provisions will be made later for undergraduates and employes of the college.

In regard to the evil of speculation it seems useless to dwell at length as so much has been said on this subject, but it is sincerely hoped that all will use the greatest discretion in the disposal of their tickets.

STUART WYETH, Chari. Class Day Com.