Foot Ball.


A small number of freshmen accompanied their team to Southboro yesterday to see it beaten after a wretched game. Their opponents were much lighter than they, and should have been easily handled; but the freshmen seemed afraid of the ball and muffed and passed wretchedly. St. Marks scored in the first half pretty much as it pleased, but '89 took a decided brace in in the last part of the second half which would have won the game had it been begun sooner. At the close of the second half the score stood 12 to 9 against '89. Goodhue, of St. Marks, played almost the whole game for them, distinguishing himself by some phenomenal plays; but the whole Southboro eleven, though light, played with a great deal of snap and pluck. For Harvard, Trafford, Noble and Scott bore off the honors. It was evident from '89's playing that a lack of incentive is felt in not having the Yale game to look forward to. If we are to beat Yale next year, however, we must look to '89 for support; and any wretched playing like yesterday's will be severely criticised by the rest of the college. The freshmen speak highly of the manner in which they were entertained by their rivals before the game and afterward.