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The attention of members of the Cooperative Society is called to the necessity of their ordering promptly books that are to be imported. The society is about to send out its order for the second importation of foreign books, which are expected to arrive about January 1, 1886. The saving which can be effected by those who order their books to be imported in this way is very large. On the last importation of French books (ordered last June and received at the beginning of term) the society was able to sell at the rate of 21 cents to the franc. That is, a book of which the published price in France is 3 francs, can be furnished by the society for 63 cents to those who order it to be imported. The book sellers in this country charge anywhere from 30 to 35 cents for the franc. The lowest rate at which the society itself has been able to furnish books to members through importers in Boston and New York is 27 or 28 cents to the franc. By ordering direct importation, a member saves from twenty to twenty-five per cent. The saving on German books is about the same. Members who wish to get this advantage must put in immediately their orders for books which they want for next January.