Note and Comment.


Yale freshmen have no right to sit on the Chapel street fence except as a reward for beating the Harvard freshmen in an athletic contest. It is a pleasant fence, commanding an unhindered view of one of the fairest and most delightfully frequented thoroughfares in New Haven, and offers to the members of the higher classes many of the advantages of a well-situated club house. The freshmen, the other day, after beating the sophomores by four to three at a game of base-ball, raided this fence and sat upon it, heedless of the indefensible unusualness of the act, and of the feelings of the sophomores, who tried to sit there at the same time. The newspaper report of the transaction says that six or seven of the sophomores were dragged over the fence and "shirted," from which it is to be inferred that the proceedings were conducted with considerable spirit, although the exact significance of the verb in quotation marks can merely be guessed at by the Philistine intelligence. - [Harpers Weekly.