Freshman Field Sports.


An unusually large crowd of spectators assembled on Holmes yesterday afternoon to witness the freshman games. The damp, chilly air made it unpleasant enough for the spectators, and doubly disagreeable for the thinly clad contestants. The only redeeming feature of the afternoon was the promptness with which the clerk of course, R. D. Smith, Jr., caused the events to be run off. The summary is as below:-

100 yards dash, (first heat). G. S. Mandell, winner, 11 1-5s.; J. W. Merril, second. The start was a poor one.

100 yards dash, (second heat). W. S. Scott, winner, 11s.; D. H. Clark, second by a yard.

Mile walk. F. W. Murphy, winner, sm. 21 4-5s.; H. Swain, second, by eight yards.

Throwing the hammer. L. G. Hunter, winner, 59 ft. 8 in.; J. T. Dayis, second.

100 yards dash, (final heat). Merrill, winner, 11 1.5s.; Mandell, second by a yard and a half. Mandell was penalized one yard. and Scott two.

Putting the shot. J. F. Davis, winner, 27 ft. 10 3-4 in.; L. G. Hunter, second.

Running high jump. F. E. Parker, winner, 4 ft. 8 1-2 in.; B. Stevenson, second.

220 yards dash. J. W. Merrill, winner, 25 3-4s.; W. S. Scott, second. This was an interesting event.

660 yards dash. W. Baker, '86, (scratch) winner, 1m. 24s.; A. T. Dudley, '87, (40 yards) second; F. B. Dana, '88, (40 yards) third. This was a beautiful race. Baker caught his men at the quarter mile, and came within two seconds of breaking the record.

Half-mile walk. Dead heat between H. H. Bemis, '87, and E. C. Wright, '86; time, 3m. 36s. This event was creditable, considering the unfavorable weather.

Mile run. Marquand, winner, 5m. 15 1-2s.; DeBlois, second.

Quarter-mile run. G. Perry, winner, 57 4-5s; J. M. Smith, second.

Half-mile run. Walk-over for C. N. Wells.

Officials: R. D. Smith, Jr., clerk of course; C. S. Thompson and F. Remington, time-keepers; J. G. Lathrop, measurer.