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To Harvard students. Visit the old established house of J. W. Brine. Clothing cleaned, pressed and repaired. Mr. Harry Haugh, the great London cutter, has charge of our custom department. His large experience at Cambridge and Oxford, England, enable him to do nothing but first class work. We are the regular co-operative store. J. W. Brine, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.

$50 Reward. The above reward will be paid to any person that may bring a garment to my Tailoring Department stained, and I fail to remove it. Mr. John Rogers, whose ability as a first-class cutter needs no comment, has charge of the tailoring department, the only place in Cambridge where the original Blenheim 4 Button Cutaway, Sack and Jalva Sleeve Overcoat can be got up. Pants a specialty. J. F. Noera, 436 Harvard Street.

For Rent, C. 37, good room, second floor, facing yard; is being newly painted and papered, a very liberal bonus including ton of coal given. Must be rented this week. Apply at Bursar's, or H. 6.

To let. - Room 48 Matthews, S. W. corner, up two flights, parlor and two bed rooms partly furnished. Possession immediately. Inquire at Bursar's office.

Arrival of European steamer with goods for J. W. Brine. 500 white al wool Sweaters; 506 all wool Cordigan Jackets; 5,000 yards English Flannel; 800 English Mackintoshe's; 500 Rugby Foot Balls. J. W. Brine, 10 and 11 Harvard Row.