EDITORS DAILY CRIMSON. - Now that the Monthly has been criticised favorably from a literary point of view, it may be well to look at it from a purely sentimental standpoint. The Harvard Monthly is supposed to represent to a certain extent the feelings of the college, and if it cuts itself entirely loose from public sentiment it will perish. Now the writer maintains that there is no such morbid, pessimistic feeling among the students of Harvard, nor even among the literary men of the college, as this last number would seem to imply. In every issue, there has been a more or less marked fondness for the weird and sombre, but in this Christmas number, all disguise is thrown off and we are fairly overwhelmed with gloomy forebodings. The oppressive darkness is unrelieved by any lighter piece. The thoughts in the Monthiy may be the honest thoughts of the editors; but is it not their duty to make their personal feelings subservient to the public good? No magazine can be a success that does not study a judicious mingling of light and shade.