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The possibility of boarding students at Memorial at $4.00 a week has again been demonstrated. At the present time Memorial is still full and applicants are refused admission, and may not be admitted for several weeks to come. The future growth of the college will render more and more forcible the advantages of co-operation, and the limitations placed on co-operation by the present accommodations. In a few years, if the university grows as it has grown in the past, one of three things is necessary, Memorial must be enlarged, two sets of dining hours must be introduced, or a new dining association must be formed. The last plan is most feasible. If a small dining association could be formed and provided with the proper outfit, and managed so as to meet the demands of the richer students, - a standard of board being provided that would cost $6.00 or $7.00, - Memorial would be relieved of the coming overflow. When Memorial is full there is every danger of high prices in Cambridge boarding houses. When they become too exorbitant, and it will take many years to effect this result, there will be the same call for a second dining association that brought the first into being. Under proper management two dining associations presenting different standards of board would operate together and not as rivals.