Meeting of the Conference Committee.

The second meeting of the college conference was held yesterday afternoon. The faculty was represented by Professors Palmer (chairman) Shaler, James, Ass't. Prof. Croswell and Mr. Wendell. Huddleston, Merriam, Phillips, Smith and Vogel represented '86; F. S. Coolidge, Furber, Peabody, '87; Garrison, Lund, Thayer, '88, and Houghton, '86, and Adams, '88, the college at large. Coolidge, '87, was elected clerk of the conference. Mr. Merriam presented the report of the special committee appointed to correspond with other colleges on marking systems. The report embraced twenty two colleges. A general discussion ensued of the various systems, the tendency being to favor a system of ranking by general classes. The great objection to such a plan was shown to be in the award of scholarships. A resolution expressive of dissatisfaction with the present was tabled, although manifestly in accord with the prevailing opinion. No conclusion was reached, and the meeting adjourned until Jan. 13, 1886.