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While the students of the college are quick to take advantage of the lectures given here by non-residents, and generally manage to attend the evening readings given by our own professors and instructors, there was an example of neglect on last Friday which calls for remark. One of the instructors in English kindly consented to give a four o'clock lecture on the subject of descriptive and narrative writing, to which were invited all members of the classes of '87 and '88. Of the five hundred men to whom this invitation was extended, barely thirty thought it worth their while to accept. If our instructors can look upon such an exhibition as this as an evidence that their pupils have arrived at the perfection of style demanded in English writing, and therefore require no further instruction, they have great reason to feel elated; but, if they look upon it in another and more probable light, they cannot be blamed if they decline to give their time outside of recitation hours to a task which meets with so little appreciation.