Third Annual Conference


The College Young Men's Christian Association of New England will hold their third annual conference under the auspices of the Christian Brethren, the exercises of the work beginning tomorrow. Appended is the list of meetings to be held:

FRIDAY, FEB. 20.4 P. M. Meeting of the delegates for prayer and consecration.-Holden Chapel.

7.30 P. M. Public Service.-Appleton Chapel. Address of Welcome.-Rev. A. P. Peabody, D. D. Addresses by Russell Sturgis, Jr., and Rev. Phillips Brooks, D D.

SATURDAY, FEB. 21.9.30 A. M. Devotional Exercises.- Holden Chapel.

10-11. " Christian Fellowship in College Work. " To be opened by a paper from Brown University.

11-12. " The College Prayer Meeting -its Object and How to make it Successful. " To be opened by a paper from Amherst College.

2 P. M. " Individual Work. " Discussion opened by Mr. C. K. Ober, college secretary for New England.

3 P. M. " Development of the Missionary Spirit. " Discussion opened by Mr. L. D. Wishard, college secretary.

Appleton Chapel.- Public Service.

7.30 P. M. Reports from colleges represented.

8.30 P. M. Address by Mr. Wm. E. Dodge, Jr., New York.

" The Intercollegiate Y. M. C. A.- Advantages in College and after Graduation."

SUNDAY, FEB. 22.9.30 A. M. Meeting for Consecration and Prayer for the Holy Spirit.- Holden Chapel.

2 P. M. Public Service.- Appleton Chapel. Address by Rev. A. J. Gordon, D. D. " The Christian Student's necessary equipments for service." Discussion-" The Bible Class," opened by a paper from Yale.

7.15 P. M.- Public Service.- Appleton Chapel.

7.30 P. M.- Addresses by Rev. Alexander McKenzie, D. D. Farewell Exercises.

A. E. STRONG, E. W. FROST, J. A. HILL, Executive Com.