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The many calls for Sever 11 at this time of the year, must result, now and then, in unavoidable conflicts. It seems unnecessary, however, that the Union should be placed in its present position, though the fact that the room in which it has always met, has been engaged for so many Thursdays during the remainder of this year. The Union is more cosmopolitan, so to speak, than any other society in college. Thursday evening is the only time in the week that is convenient for its meeting, inasmuch as its members represent so many, and so diverse interests. The Union has acquired, moreover, a kind of prescriptive title to Sever 11 for alternate Thursday evenings. In justice to the importance of the Union, and the necessity for meetings at regular intervals, some consideration ought to have been given to its interests, before an engagement for so many evenings had been made. As it is now, the Union is forced to hold its meetings on Tuesday evenings, thereby causing conflicts with the Shakspere Club which includes many prominent members of the Union.

It is to be hoped that an arrangement can be made in the future, where by the Union can engage Sever 11 at the beginning of each term, for all of its meetings during that term. In this way the efficiency of a useful and established society can be increased.